ALTAIR gets visibility in the medias.

ALTAIR featured in Aviation Week & Space Technology.

The number one aerospace publication in the world, Aviation Week & Space Technology, has published an article on our project! It recalls that the ALTAIR project focuses on an innovative solution four launching space satellites in the 50-150 kg range into low Earth orbit at altitudes between 400 and 1000 km and that the European Commission is financing this project to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a low-cost, reusable smallsat launch system. Over the next five years, more than 500 small satellites are expected to be built and launched globally, a market with a combined value greater than $7 billion, according to Paris-based Euroconsult. Thus, ALTAIR project has already started to get visibility in the medias.

Aviation Week & Space Technology articl (February 24th 2016)

Futura-Sciences published an article on ALTAIR.


The French publication that specialises in information about Science and Technology published an article about ALTAIR.

Article published by Futura Sciences 12/01/2016

Air & Cosmos published an article on ALTAIR.

The number one aerospace publication in France, Air & Cosmos, released an article on ALTAIR (paper version: L'Onera étudie un lanceur aéroporté, Air & Cosmos, No. 2480, December 11 2015). The article (in French) offers an overview of the project and the tasks that ONERA, jointly with other seven partners, will carry out during the following three years. 

Article published by Air & Cosmos (online version published on December 2nd 2015) 


ALTAIR’s strategic objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of a new cost effective and reliable space launch system for the access to Low-Earth Orbit (400-1000 km) of small satellites.