Kick-off for ALTAIR

The ALTAIR kick-off meeting and the first technical meeting took place in December 2015 in Palaiseau France to define the ucoming steps of the project. 

  • ALTAIR partners during the Kick-off-meeting in Palaiseau (© ALTAIR)

The ALTAIR project kicked-off on December 2, 2015 and an interesting year of work is now ahead of the project. All the participants convened in ONERA premises in Palaiseau (France) to discuss the challenges of the project, establish a road-map, and agree on the agenda for the next six months. The vision of the project was reinstated: to give the EU a competitive access to space!


ALTAIR’s strategic objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of a new cost effective and reliable space launch system for the access to Low-Earth Orbit (400-1000 km) of small satellites.